2 1917854
Jaques Lu Cont & Sloop John Barillo remix
🎶 Pin
👤 Leroy Hanghofer
🕒 06:17
🕸🔗 https://youtu.be/BbPpLtCXBRw

🥏 Gomma 019, 2002
3 1918027
>>17832 (OP) >>17854

Munk the founder of Gomma Remix
of Pin
by Leroy Hanghofer


from Leroy Hanghofer - Pin (Remixes) EP (Gomma 005, Germany, Mar 2000)
my first rmx of pin.mp4941 Кб, mp4,
500x500, 0:55
4 1918064
7 1918500

History of House Music by Tuff Jam featuring Tyree Cooper (1995) disc🥏gs 293553

Twyce As Nyce History Of Bass Mix of Unda-Vybe’s (a.k.a Tuff Jam)“History Of House Music” (1997) disc🥏gs 62826
Scott Garcia  MC DT - Its A London Thing (2020 Mix).mp413 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 5:22
8 1918588
Scott Garcia & MC DT - It's A London Thing (2020 Mix)
DJ Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown @ Freek FM 101.8 ’1997.webm8,9 Мб, webm,
480x480, 5:14
9 1918627

>Karl Brown

DJ Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown @ Freek FM 101.8
🏴☠️Pirate Radio📻 Archives, 1997

This was unusual pirate radio appearance by the legend turntable extraordinaire DJ Karl "Tuff Enuff" Brown on DJ EZ’s slot on north London’s Freek FM 101.8 (the leading pirate station for House & Garage in 90s). DJ EZ hosts the show on the mic while Karl Brown works his magic on the wheels of steel.

Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown is the famous House and Garage music producer. Back then he was also a well known circuit DJ from London and across the United Kingdom and the Founder of 2tuf 4u Records. He went under many aliases : Broken Species, Change Of Tone, Chunky Jackson, D.I.Y., Groove Skool, Klubb Conektion, Kool Drop, Productus and Toxanoid. Karl was part of the infamous “Tuff Jam” with Matt “Jam” Lamont. Tuff Jam are legends in the UK Garage music scene. They are revered by industry heads as well as house and garage music lovers.

This show is unique because DJ Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown rarely appeared on radio, let alone pirate radio in London.

the more is here
10 1918682
Omar Adimora & Tim Liken (“ double 99 ”)

✓ original mix
✓ riphousz mix
✓ tuff jam’s groove dub

🥏 1997 promo https://www.discogs.com/release/3824205-Double-99-Ripgroove
Аноним 11 1918691
>>18627 >>18682

Tina Moore’s “Never Gonna Let You Go


✓ Tuff Jam Classic Vocal Mix
from 🥏 august 1997 release https://www.discogs.com/release/127230-Tina-Moore-Never-Gonna-Let-You-Go

✓ original garage mix
from 🎦 https://youtu.be/T34boENhLgc

✓ Double 99 + Tina Moore : “Ripgroove” vs “Never Gonna Let You Go”
from 🥏 1997 white label release https://www.discogs.com/release/1255580-Double-99-vs-Tina-Moore-Somore-Untitled
Sneaker Pimps – Spin Spin Sugar (Armand’s Dark Garage Mix).mp49,4 Мб, mp4,
508x514, 9:03
garage 🚘 🚗 12 1918764
ого, бро напостил гаража....
тогда я просто не могу не залить вот это вот

Sneaker Pimps–Spin Spin Sugar (Armand’s Dark Garage Mix)

2x12" Promo, Clean Up Records CUP033P, 1997
13 1918915
>>18627 >>1911700 →

Kerri Chandler · It’s You, Kaoz Club Mix
(Mixed Live @ Space Lab Yellow Tokyo)

C.J. Bolland’s Sugar Is Sweeter ( Sugar Daddy ) 14 1918974
>>18764 yeap that one is very famous, when although u know nothing bout house or garage, the "spin spin sugar" track is the one u have heard anyways

.. there was the similar track, released earlier, in september 1996, and as well remixed by Armand yet less pop’lar than "spin spin"

Sugar Is Sweeter (Sugar Daddy)
by C.J. Bolland

§ Armand’s Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix
§ Original Mix

@ 1996 promo https://www.discogs.com/release/326936-CJ-Bolland-Sugar-Is-Sweeter
R-326936-1613692085-4771.jpg127 Кб, 429x599
15 1918976

Commander Tom – In The Mix 1 & CJ Bolland Interview
Garage on Europe Plus
September 7, 1997
two days before the release of “Suggar Daddy”


such the time machine 😌
#garage 16 1919091
17 1919281
Quentin “monsieur Oizo” Benoit Dupieux
Flat Beat (original 5:25 mix)
Monday Massacre
Sick Dog Try To Speak

@ Mar 22, 1999 release https://www.discogs.com/release/11699-Mr-Oizo-Flat-Beat
18 1919300

Molella & Phil Jay (“MPJ”) Remix of Flat Beat by Quentin “mr. Oizo” Dupieux

Eric’s Mood by Alessandro Scali + Maurizio Pini (“Rush Team”)

@ ND 199, “No Disc,” Italy, 1999 https://www.discogs.com/release/102408-Mr-Oizo-Flat-Beat
19 1920490
Fatboy Slim vs New Zealand – Weapon Of Choice (Chores & Terace Remix)
👁 https://youtu.be/HPeB-Uy3VPM

Fatboy Slim vs Australia – Weapon Of Choice (Set Mo Remix)
👁 https://youtu.be/rguIicNSKUE
Moby 20 1920847
Moby - Next Is The E (Synthe Mix)

in 1992, Instinct Records released
EX-247-1DJ (discogs/143770)
EX-247-1 (discogs/18587)
cool dance 💃🕺 forever 21 1921627
👤 Vincent “Man/ipulate” Welwert
🎶 Eternity

✨ Cool Dance mix
☀️ Alex Kassian’s Ode to Sunshine mix

📀 CMR 007, “Certain Music,” 🇪🇸Spain, June 2022
SK9vFO6OLnY.jpg333 Кб, 1280x720
какой-то гараж 22 1921683
вдруг какой-то гараж рвётся в эту итт нить






38'10" by Sasha Kotov https://youtube.com/@asd17316
23 1921976
👤 Nu-Birth (Danny Harrison, Julian Jonah)
🎶 Anytime
featuring volcals by Janette Sewell

🎵 Original Mix
🎵 Rhythm Masters Mix
🎵 Tuff Jam Mix

Anytime (Original Mix)
from 💽 NV001, Nu Jak Recordings, UK, 1996

Anytime (Rhythm Masters Remix)
from 💽 Single Sided 12", XL Recordings, UK, Mar 1998

Anytime (Tuff Jam Mix)
from 💽 2x12" Promo, XLT 97 DJ, XL Recordings, UK, 1998 https://www.discogs.com/release/126689-Nu-Birth-Anytime
24 1922325
DJ Pooch – Let the Bass Roll (original mix)
DJ Pooch – Let the Bass Roll (funky mix) released by himself

DJ Pooch's real name is James Pritchard
25 1922329
DJ Pooch – Let the Bass Roll (original mix)
DJ Pooch – Let the Bass Roll (funky mix) released by himself

DJ Pooch's real name is James Pritchard
26 1922516
Stefan Goodchild known as Stabilizer https://stabilizer.co.uk/
Carbon, Silkin Mix

from 🥏 FB 009, Functional Breaks, UK, Aug 2001 https://www.discogs.com/release/1844658-Stabilizer-Carbon
27 1922527
Neuromancer · Pennywise (1992)

Pennywise by Neuromancer

✓ original mix
✓ P.A mix, unreleased

original mix @ SYM003, Symphony Sound Records, UK, 1992

P.A mix @ 12" Acetate dubplate, direct lacquer cut at Porky’s Mastering, only one or two ever made, same track cut on both sides
Join Hands ( Freedom ) by Neil Gavin DBX Rumney 28 1923269
Neil Gavin "D.B.X." Rumney
Join Hands aka Freedom

from promo 💽 AWOL 008, AWOL Records, UK, 2003
Neil Gavin Rumney 29 1923284

Burning (Club Mix)
Neil "Trotters Independent Traders" Gavin Rumney
👄🎤 with vocals from Baby DDay Dreaming

Day Dreaming (Accapella)
Dorothy "Baby D" Fearon

💿 Trotters Independent Traders 1, Ruff On Wax "THIS TIME NEXT YEAR WE'LL BE MILLIONAIRES" Recordings, UK, 1995

💿 PNT 019 (promo), Production House, UK, 1990
Gypsy Woman 30 1923342
Rave Yard Mix of Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman" "She's Homeless", "La Da Dee"

Naughty edit from the mysterious Rave Yard. This takes Crystal Waters' legendary anthem and raves the dickens out of it. Supercharged with an array of breaks and bassbin-busting samples from the era, it's a tastefully tweaked take on one of house music's sweetest flavours. Guaranteed to light up any floor.

from GYPSY 001 (10" Single Sided), GutterFunk, Unofficial, UK

🥏 Dec 8, 2017 release 🔗 https://www.discogs.com/release/11237753-Crystal-Waters-Gypsy-Woman-Rave-Yard-Mix

🥏 2023 reissue 🔗 https://www.discogs.com/release/26516807-Crystal-Waters-Gypsy-Woman-Rave-Yard-Mix
31 1923753
So In Love With You
Duke (Mark Carson Adams)

The Pizzaman’s House Vocal
from 🥏 VSTDJ 1504 (promo), Virgin Records, UK, 1994

A Cappella
from 🥏 12PUKKA11, Pukka Records, UK, October 1996

Full Intention 12" Mix
from 🥏 10084P, 4 Play Records, US, 1997

“(The) Pizzaman” are Norman Cook and JC Reid with vocalist Jon Martin

“Full Intention” are Michael Gray and Jon Pearn. They were originally known as Greed on D-Zone Records. They were revealed in 1995 with the cover of the Patrick Juvet’s disco hit “America”
c’mon y’all 32 1924432
Rhythm Masters – Come On Y’all

⏺ Faze-2Records (UK) – 12FAZE27 (1995), 12FAZE37 (1997)

Rhythm Masters are deejays Robert Chetcuti and Steve Mac, a.k.a. Steve McGuinness
garage tape packs 33 1924436
New Horizons (Volume Two) 'The Connoisseur Years' – Coming 1st September


New Horizons (Volume One) https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvC6vxw-SnyGuRXc9oyDmWJzGW-OryoOA
Josh B – Covid 1992 (Vinyl Release).mp425,5 Мб, mp4,
1920x1080, 14:33
covid1992 34 1924850
Josh B – Covid 1992
(Vinyl Release)

0:00 Blame It On The State
5:01 Day Dreaming
9:44 Such A Feeling 2020

This was a self release of a few tracks Josh pressed up onto vinyl a short while back and very limited !

🎞 https://youtu.be/tqBoVd0NJBY
muzikizum 35 1925760
X-Press 2,
namely Ashley Beedle, DarrenDJ DieselHouse, DarrenDJ RockyRock


Muzikizum, part one & part two
👁️ part 1 https://youtu.be/82BOLr3n6s0
🧿 part 2 https://youtu.be/QGoJiGnTYPE
promo 💽 SKINT 65P https://www.discogs.com/release/662773-X-Press-2-Muzikizum

👀 https://youtu.be/9gvFDfKlVGY
📖 https://www.discogs.com/master/84239-X-Press-2-Muzikizum
#dance 💃 #disco 🥏 36 1926108
House Of Glass (H.O.G.: Gianni Bini, Paolo Martini)
Groovelines –Got To Dance Disco

✓ The Navigators Mix
✓ Mad Mark’s Classic Mix 9:28
Slide Brothers · Rush On Me (The Dub Mix).mp45,6 Мб, mp4,
558x600, 5:15
garage 37 1926130
Rush On Me
(The Dub Mix)
“Slide Brothers”
Dave Biss, Paul French

🥏 Confetti Records – COEP 09 promo ’1997
🥏 Confetti Records – CO-EP-09 ’1997
38 1926419
I tell the deejays what to play 39 1927575
“ just remember,
I tell the deejays what to play,
everything has to pass thru me ”

Robot Claart
Bleep District, Matt Hunt and Matt Powell

track A2 on 🥏 ROAD022 (Winding Road Records, UK, June 2008)
bavee boardy badee 40 1927578
Mousse T.’s remixes
🎶 Mousse T.’s Deep Dub
🎶 Mousse T.’s Retro Mix

Move Your Body

Ruffneck featuring Yavahn

promo 2x12"🥏 12TIVDJ61, Positiva & MAW Records, UK, 1996 https://www.discogs.com/release/562434-Ruffneck-Featuring-Yavahn-Move-Your-Body

🥏 PJMSO 019, Peppermint Jam, Germany, 1996 https://www.discogs.com/release/133245-Ruffneck-Feat-Yavahn-Move-Your-Body

Mousse T.’s name is Mustafa Göndogdu
deep inside garage 41 1927613
Hardrive aka Louie Vega aka Luis Fernando Vager
Deep Inside
featuring vocals by Barbara Tucker

💿 SR EP2 (Strictly Rhythm, US, 1993)
42 1927851
Give Me Joy
Cathy Wood / Kathy Wood / Katherine Wood / Katherine Jane Margaret Ellis

🐾 Tuff Jam Remix

🐾 Booker T Nu Soul Klub Mix

🐾 DJ Innocence Dub
Booker T featuring Kathy Wood

💿 PHTRAX 4 (Phuture Trax, UK, 1995)
📀 PHTRAX 9 (Phuture Trax, UK, 1997)
💽 XTRA LARGE 002 (Xtra Large Records, UK, 2003)
43 1927860
>>17832 (OP)
кажется тот же вокальный сэмпл что и в пине
44 1927861
в А2
45 1927875
Mousse T – Everybody

Swing City Records – CITY 1007 (1996)

A1 Everybody (Original Mix)
B1 Everybody (Nelson’s Midnite Jazz Pass)
47 1928948
A Baffled Republic
– Bad Boys (Move in Silence) [CAT 12007 A1]
– Sweetness (I Wanna Ho) [CAT 10007 B1]
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