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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.


Thank you for attention.

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Is Putin the strongest head of state on earth?

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We don't want the Russian people or Ukrainian people to suffer. We want to share our goods with them.

If you Russians replace your dictator with a man who is not a warmonger, we will IMMEDIATELY REMOVE ALL SANCTIONS.

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Putin today proclamed:

1. Russia have already "forgotten" over 20 milliard USD debt to niggers.
2. Russia will give niggers free food.
3. Russia wil double amount of niggers which will have free higher education.
4. Niggers will be leaders of the new world.

Vatnicks, go die in Bakhmut while Tyron fucks your Natasha bitches wnjoying free education and free food.

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west end. you are destroyed by blacks, Arabs, Persians, Indians, Chinese. your liberalism has turned into schizophrenia and you will not do anything about it, and Russia will only grow stronger over the years. there will be a change of generations, in which the youth will completely replace the communist old men with their heads washed for a century.
and communism is just ahead of you.

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Russians, how does it feel to know you are Chinese colony now?

Russia will vote like China's pet dog in all UN votes now. They will cancel all tariffs for Chinese products (goodbye "import replacement). And Russian mobiks will go die in waves in Taiwan to soften up defenses.

Russian natashkas will go to Shanghai to sell their virginity to sons of CCP members whilst Russian ivans will be working in factory to make steel for Chinese boss who is fucking his wife. How does it feel? Be honest.

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What have you been reading? What are some of your all time favorite ones?
Right now I am reading Baldr sky, it's got lot's of game Play éléments, my all time favorites would be:
White album 2, Muramasa, and higurashi, and yes I prefer higurashi over Umineko perhaps because higurashi was my first ever VN.

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I would like to see your most beautiful historic photos of old city Tashkent in spring, preferably from the late 80s, or just any pictures of Tashkent in spring. I will use it as a reference for my drawing
Thank you

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Putin's SMO plan at the start were quite sound, but he leads a niggardly people so they did not realize his designs.

If Putin led any other country he'd be so much more successful.

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A donkey, a donkey, my kingdom for a donkey.

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Opinion on my favorite anime Haibane Renmei?
Noticed the show has a small but strong community in Russia.

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What kind of memories do you have of USSR or Russia? I was in St. Petersburg in the Soviet era before the collapse. My dad gave a boy a pen. (I didn't see beggars in Finland until the Romanian turds came here.) We bought candy and chocolate and it we got loads of it, as it was cheap and also pretty good. I got a rabbit figure that was made out of some sort foam and I liked it a lot. We also bought an accordion that I still have! Would be cool to visit Russia sometime again. Maybe see Karelia and the places were my ancestors lived.

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Medvedev literally threatened relative of Catharina The Great. Missile strike to Haag is same as threatening this princess.

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Russia is going to lose and Putin will be held responsible for Russia's attack. Only Ukrainians are heroes in this fight. There will be a peace and Ukraine will define the terms. Zelenkiyv is a hero. He is a symbol of freedom and bravery. He is a promise of a better future and better Europe.

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I want Russia to be friend of Corea ^__^

Russia, like Corea, is glorious civilization-state and we should work together to destroy Japan ^________________^ so glorious

Largest problem right now is removing Corea from orbit of USA ^__^ political situation is very bad right now so Russia can take advantage kekeke

Once that is fix, the crazy Kim regime in Pyongyang will have outlive its usefulness. Build gas pipeline and we will be very big customer of oil and gas!

Finally: Ukraine is rightful territory of Russian Federation ^__^ Z

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Мартышка, какого хуя я теперь снова не могут нормально постить на своем любимом двачике? Вчера же буквально всё нормально было, а сегодня уже снова постинг нероссиянам запрещён. Эх ты блять

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What are your favorite songs?

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Do Russians know about Solomon Carter?